RUGER Gould&Goodrich Black Belt Holster

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Easily carry and conceal a variety of Ruger® handguns with this Ruger branded, suede-lined holster by Gould & Goodrich™.

Ambidextrous, black leather holster is compatible with all Ruger® LCP® and LCP® II models, LC9® (without laser), LC380®, SR22®, 22/45™, 22/45 Lite®, SR9®, SR9c®, SR40®, SR40c®, SR45™, SR1911®, P89, P85™, P95™ without a rail, P94™ without a laser, P93™, P91™, P345®, Mark I™, Mark II™ Mark III™ and Mark IV™ handguns.

This slim, versatile, open-bottom holster may be worn inside or outside of pants, clipped onto pants or a belt, or may be worn by sliding the holster onto a belt that is up to 1-3/4" wide using the built-in belt slots.



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RUGER Gould&Goodrich Black Belt Holster
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