Wichard Marine Offshore Rescue Knife

Überleben - Survival-Werkzeug, Allerlei - Wichard Marine Offshore Rescue Knife
  • Fixed blade - Fluo
  • Part #10192
  • Specifically developed for rescue operations and extreme sports (offshore racing, sport catamaran, white water sports, etc.).
  • Careful material selection (N680 stainless steel grade) brings high corrosion resistance
  • outstanding cutting power and high robustness.
  • The secured sheath enables the knife to be positioned in all situations.
  • The sheath offers many fastening points: personally on the sailor (lifejacket, arm, lel, etc.), on various locations (cockpit, steering wheel, mast foot, trampoline, catamaran cross beams).
  • Fluorescent (blow in the dark)
  • Fully serrated blade
  • Rounded tip to prevent injuries
  • Shackle key
  • Grip for better handling


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Wichard Marine Offshore Rescue Knife
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